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Project Overview
WinWinPal is a self-development app that helps users find accountability partners and track their habits together in a social and gamified way. The user interface that was designed for a german startup is scheduled to be implemented and deployed in app-stores by the end of this year (2023).
The client already had an idea of what the app would look like and provided wireframes as a design reference. I reviewed the wireframes and proposed certain amendments to improve the apps interaction design. After the conceptual design was agreed on, a high-fidelity prototype was designed in Figma.

The final deliverable is a UI prototype of all screens that the client specified.
Through continuous communication and 2 revisions on the initial design, the final product exceeded the clients's expectations.
Below there is an explanation of some of the design decisions made based on UX principles and considering WinWinPal's vision.
App Design Project
Feb 2023
The brand colours for WinWinPal are a light blue, navy blue, and a strong orange
This image describes a design decision: It was decided to combine two contextually different screens in one by displaying screen 1 on a card that can be minimized by swiping and having screen 2 as the background screen. Therefore, task switching has less interaction costs for the user.
This image explains a design decision that was made: Two contextually similar wireframes were combined into one screen. This is because the client had initially seperated the comments that users can leave on another persons agenda from the rating that a person gives themselves. However, both objects are related to the same object, namely the person's agenda and can therefore, be combined into one interaction context.