6 Key Attributes

Let's explore why logo design is a crucial aspect of your brand's success. It is my mission to help you answer the questions below with confidence - even if you haven't thought about your brand in depth yet.
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1 First Impressions

Your logo sets the tone for the perception of your business.
What kind of impression does your current logo create when potential customers encounter your brand for the first time?
A loudspeaker that emits noise

2 Brand Identity

A well-designed logo effectively communicating what your business stands for.
Is your current logo conveying the mission and values of your business to your target audience?
A head with the brain illustratively highlighted

3 Memorability

A memorable logo psychologically prioritizes recall over recognition.
Does your current logo stay with your customers and collaborators long after they've seen it?
A tie

4 Professionalism

A professional logo conveys trust and credibility.
Is your current logo aligned with the level of professionalism and quality your business offers?
Two puzzel pieces that fit

5 Adaptability

Your logo should be versatile for different platforms.
Is your current logo flexible enough to work effectively across various marketing materials and digital platforms?
A quality badge

6 Differentiation

A unique logo sets your brand apart.
Does your current logo help your brand shine next to competitors or does it get lost?
A logo is not just a symbol; it's a representation of your company's values, mission, and identity.
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Jim Ekanem
Digital Designer, Writer, Mentor

Logo Designs

This is a curation of logos from various industries and of different visual complexities.
text based logo spelling swiftleticsA bright flower from the top with the text "fleur rouge" underneathThe text "Flowing Fitness NL" and a logo with a wave, biceps and baby symbolism in oneA shipment box within a transparent blue digital square. EcomSCS logoWebdesign by Pinto Logo Text. Next to it is a globe with a tie around the horizontal mid-lineHangtime.tv logo text. An illustration of Salu Benjamin Tadi dunking a basketball with a between the leg move

Logo Design Process

Here's how we work together to create your businesses new logo and brand.

Project Briefing

We begin by conducting a consultation to gain an understanding of your business, its objectives, and target audience. This way we establish the project's foundation.

Strategic Moodboard Development

We create a moodboard that captures your businesses visual identity and your strategic vision to guide the design process.

Expertly Crafted Logo Variations

I will present you with a selection of three logo variations that embody the essence of your business using unique symbolism each time.

Your informed selection

I encourage you to play an active role in the design journey, offering you insights and recommendations to help you make an informed choice.

Tailored Branding Toolkit

In addition to your final logo, I provide you with a branding toolkit that you can use on various media and communication channels for consistent brand representation.


Pick one of the popular packages or I help you curate your own during our consult call.
Recommended for:
New Startups


1850€ excl. VAT
What’s covered
Web Landing Page (5 sections)
Standard SEO & Tracking
Standard Color & Font Selection
Text-based Logo
Recommended for:
Small Businesses


2750€ excl. VAT
What’s covered
*Everything from UX-Pro
Memorable Logo Design
Custom Font Selection
Custom Color Palette
Recommended for:
Custom Needs


*Inquire for custom pricing
What else is possible
Business Card Design
Social Media Post Template
Additional Web Pages
Complex Web Animations


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