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The Value of a Great Website

Author: Jim Ekanem

Key Attributes

Let's explore why businesses need a website and what makes a website great. The questions below help you reflect on your current website if you have one.
Digital Credibility
A well-designed website conveys credibility and legitimacy to potential investors or customers.
Does your current business infrastructure convey credibility in a digital age?

24/7 Accessibility

Potential customers want to learn about your business at their convenience.
Can your customers or investors engage with your brand outside regular business hours?


Through contact forms, live chats or social media links customers can engage with you asynchronously.
Does your website engage visitors with conent and call them to take action?

Analytics & Insights

Websites offer valuable data and analytics to guide your business decisions.
Are you utilitzing your current website and online channels to gain valuable insights about your visitors behavior and preferences?
A loudspeaker that emits noise

Marketing & Branding

A website is a marketing tool that showcases your brand, shares success stories and your digital media.
Is your website effectively representing your brand and does it attract and retain customers?

User-Friendly Design

An intuitive and accessible user experience ensures that each visitor finds the information they need.
Is your website easy to navigate in a way that each visitor finds what they are looking for?
"As a User Experience Designer I enhance the customer centricity of your business and the storytelling capability of your website"
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Jim Ekanem
Digital Designer, Writer, Mentor

Go-to CMS & Website builders

These are the industries leading hosting platforms that enable you to continuosly manage your website succesfully and autonomously after our launch.
Webflow,, Shopify, Wordpress, Squarespace

Website Design Process

Here's how we work together to create your businesses new website

Project Briefing

We begin by conducting a consultation to gain an understanding of your business, its objectives, and target audience. This way we establish the project's foundation.

Strategic Planning

Based on the consultation, I develop strategic plan, outlining the website's objectives, features, and design elements.

Design and Development

The website design and development phase involves creating the website's structure, visual elements, and functionality.
You are actively involved in reviewing and providing feedback on the website's progress by commenting on a digital whiteboard.

Your Feedback and Revisions

Once the design is delivered you have a free revision and can request major changes. According to this step I will implement the final design and we ensure that you are satisfactied!

Launch and Ongoing Support

Once the website is finalized and approved, it is launched. I am available for ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization to ensure the website continues to perform effectively, and will ensure that you become self-sufficient for basic changes and content implementation.


Pick one of the popular packages or I help you curate your own during our consult call.
Recommended for:
New Startups


1850€ excl. VAT
What’s covered
Web Landing Page (5 sections)
Standard SEO & Tracking
Standard Color & Font Selection
Text-based Logo
Recommended for:
Small Businesses


2750€ excl. VAT
What’s covered
*Everything from UX-Pro
Memorable Logo Design
Custom Font Selection
Custom Color Palette
Recommended for:
Custom Needs


*Inquire for custom pricing
What else is possible
Business Card Design
Social Media Post Template
Additional Web Pages
Complex Web Animations


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